Jesus or the World?

Our Sermons

In this third Sunday of Lent we consider John 2:13-22 where Jesus clears the Temple Courts.
Here Jesus addresses the folks who have become misguided in their attempts at faithful living and adhering to the Law.
What they are doing is not outright “wrong” rather it is that what ought to be secondary has mistakenly become primary.
How we prioritize things in our lives matters.
When we put undue emphasis on secondary things we end up lost and misguided.
Thankfully Jesus comes and re-orients us to what is good, right and faithful.
Join in as we continue our Lenten journey to the cross.
Community worship begins in person and on-line at 10:30.
All are welcome and there is always room enough everyone.
Pastor Jonathan
If you are unable to join us in person we live stream our services.  You can catch them here.

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