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We strive to be a community where the soul is nurtured, thanks is given, life is celebrated, creation is cared for, justice is sought, and families and individuals are united in an atmosphere of grace and acceptance.

All are welcome here

Church seems to be one of the few places in our society where all ages are invited and encouraged to gather together at one time. So often we’re segregated due to our age and abilities. At Living Faith, we try our best to emulate God’s kingdom, where the doors are flung open wide to welcome and receive all who may pass through.

We also strive to take faith out of our doors and into the wider community, demonstrating that God’s love cannot be contained to four walls. If you’re looking for a place where you will be welcomed, respected, and valued - just as you are - you’ll find it at Living Faith.

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Latest Sermons

Blessing on Blessing on Blessing

We conclude our brief meander through the book of Hosea today. Fittingly we will be reading the final chapter. Here God offers blessing, on blessing, on blessing. God uses vivid imagery to describe His goodness. Blossoming like a lily, fragrant like a cedar of Lebanon, and the wine of Lebanon, are just some of the…

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A Real Eye Opener

This week we find ourselves in Hosea chapter 5 in week 3 of 4 in our “Relentless Love” series. There are some pretty harsh words of judgement in Hosea 5. The key is, God loves us too much to just leave us alone or let us be. Instead His great and saving love is always working…

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Vacation Bible School

August 15 @ 9:00 am - August 18 @ 9:00 am
Outdoor Service Kids Time

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