I have the joy of sharing a home with a long-time friend. We have our own space and typically we do not move things around in each others’ rooms. One is neat and tidy. The other not so much.

Last night as I went to bed, I was going to read a book I had on the floor beside my bed. You see, I have piles. Piles of books here, piles of papers there and I also have sticky notes. I will put a word or number on the sticky note and put it down where I can find. If I am looking for someone’s phone number, I know for example, it is on a blue sticky note. Usually I can find things because I know where I last put them.

Back to my book. She had gone into my room to make my bed after the laundry had been done. She took the time to straighten things up in my room. The problem is, I had not noticed for two days.

My question to you this morning, “What has God been doing for you that you have not noticed.”

Rev. Jane

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