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I used to love watching Gilligan’s Island, now that was an example of a bad vacation, a 3 hour tour ended up lasting 3 seasons! Most of us have had a bad vacation or two, where things didn’t work out the way we had planned, but it only lasted for the vacation, then things got back to “normal”.
 I remember back when the kids were little and we had a dog.  We decided to go camping at Algonquin Park.  This particular time, we got the last site.  We set up camp … you know, get everything the way you want it … and then the skies opened and it just poured for several hours.  I mean Noah had nothing on this, because at least he had an ark,  all we had was a tent. There we were surrounded by water and I hadn’t brought a paddle.
You know, it’s not always vacations that don’t turn out the way we planed, sometimes, life itself throws us a curve.  We get frustrated, annoyed and down right angry because life is just not fair.  We are pretty good people, we live pretty good lives, we go to church, we pray, heck, sometimes we even throw a little extra money on the offering plate … So why can’t things go the way we want, even once in a while?
So with the Bible as our map, and the Holy Spirit as our guide, we set off to face life with all of its joys and sorrows, victories and challenges, in short, we set out to live a life in transition.
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