Our Sermons

The first Sunday of Advent is like New Year’s day in the life of the church.
And so, as we light the candle of Hope and kick off the season of Advent this Sunday, we do so with a great sense of excitement.
Mark 13:24-37 centres around the return of our Lord Jesus Christ at the end of time as we know it.
Advent is a time of preparation, expectation, and active waiting as we prepare for the coming of Christ.
May there be great spaces of Hope, Peace, Joy, and Love over the next few weeks as we prepare Him room in our hearts, homes, and lives.
This Sunday we will celebrate Communion as well as host a breakfast before worship in the hall.
As always, worship begins at 10:30 in person and on-line and all are welcome.
Come celebrate the goodness of God in Jesus Christ who is our greatest comfort and Hope.
Pastor Jonathan
Join us this Sunday moring at 10:30 am or check us out online by clicking this link.

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