Are we there yet?

Our Sermons

Anyone who has been on a family vacation with young children has heard the age old question from the back seat of the car … Are we there yet ??? A long journey can be boring and monotonous as the speedometer turns over one agonizing kilometre after another. This is only more agonizing if we are hungry or worse … have to go to the bathroom. Our spiritual life isn’t that different, as we wait patiently, and perhaps not so patiently for answers to our prayers. The road of life itself has many twists and turns, and as the years slip by we wonder if our faith is any stronger than when we started on this journey. It’s made worse as our bodies begin to fail, and perhaps our minds aren’t as sharp as they once were. We long for relief and wonder … “Are we there yet ???”
So with the Bible as our map, and the Holy Spirit as our guide, we set off to face life with all of it’s joys and sorrows, victories and challenges, in short, we set out to live a life in transition.
Please join us this Sunday at 10:30am  as Rev. Jim Johnson explores the question…Are we there yet?
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