“We all worship something”

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Paul is a very opportunistic and crafty preacher here in Acts 17:16-34.
On seeing that the Athenians worship various statues and gods he seizes the opportunity to share the Good News of the one true and living God.
Knowing that many folks in Athens  love to spend their time debating the latest ideas Paul gives them much to think about.
If ever someone “knew their audience” it is Paul here today.
Yes we have to share the Gospel unapologetically but we also have to consider who is listening and where they are coming from.
God always provides the right voices and people in our lives to direct and guide us. The question often is, who are we listening to?
Come worship! It all begins Sundays at 10:30 in person and on-line (we simply had an unforeseen technical glitch last week we will be up and running again this week).
There is always room for everyone at Living Faith.
Pastor Jonathan
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