There is a time for everything

Our Sermons

This Sunday we conclude our series on “How is the Bible relevant today?”.
We will be looking at the timeless advice from Ecclesiastes 3 verses 1-11.
Here the preacher or teacher talks about the perfect timing of God in all matters and at all times.
We often hear people say something like “everything happens for a reason”, well, this passage may well be what they are thinking of.
No matter how we look at it, God’s timing is perfect and everything that happens happens under His eternal “watch”.
Indeed there is a time for every matter, and at Living Faith 10:30 every Sunday is communal worship time.
As always, we are in person and on-line as well.
And, as always, everyone is welcome, and at Living Faith we truly mean that.
Come as you are because we are all in this together.
Hope to see you there, Pastor Jonathan
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