New Covenant in Christ

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Today we conclude our Biblical Covenant’s series with the final and culminating Covenant in Jesus Christ.
In Matthew 26:26-29 Jesus celebrates the Last Supper with His Disciples and speaks of the blood of the covenant “which is poured out for the forgiveness of sins”.
Jesus institutes a whole new reality; salvation, and everlasting life.
Some translations have Jesus saying “the covenant” and others “the new covenant”.
Both translation approaches capture the reality of the event as it is at once a fulfillment of the Covenants spoken of previously in scripture and it is also a New Covenant.
Jesus changes everything and the Covenant or New Covenant that He speaks of alters the course of history decisively.
Come celebrate this New Covenant of grace and love as we worship God together.
It all starts at 10:30 in person and online and all are welcome.
Pastor Jonathan
If you are unable to join us in person we live stream our services.  You can catch them here.

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