Jesus heals an official’s son

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Week 2 in our “Miracles of Jesus” sermon series finds us in John 4:43-54.
Jesus is once again in Cana of Galilee (the same place He turned water into wine).
This time a royal official begs Jesus to come and heal his son.
Instead of going Jesus simply speaks the words “your son will live” (verse 50).
And, as we soon see, the boy did live.
Healings in the Bible often take place by the laying on of hands and personal physical contact.
Not this one, it happens from afar, Jesus is never face to face with the sick boy but He still heals him.
What an incredible and loving miracle God holds before us in this passage.
This week we will also be celebrating Communion during morning worship.
Please join us after our service for a time of fellowship and make your own sundae!
It all starts at 10:30 in person and on-line, and as always all are welcome.
Pastor Jonathan
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