In these times of isolation we may be looking for things to do other than our daily tasks.  Right Now Media has some great new Studies and Sermon Series.  I just wanted to bring your attention to two.

The first one is The Art Of Neighbouring

In this four-session series based on their book The Art of Neighboring, Jay Pathak and Dave Runyon help us focus on the people within our neighborhood and learn what it means to be a good neighbor. They discuss the importance of pushing through the uncomfortable feelings that come with communicating, investing in, and caring for the people who live near us. What would our communities look like if we took Jesus’s command to love our neighbors as ourselves seriously?

The second one is Fearless over Covid-19

If there’s ever been a time when we need to be fearless and strong in the things that matter, it is now. In the face of the novel coronavirus crisis there is a way we can fight the anxieties we feel in this season of uncertainty and live a victorious Christian life. In this four-part mini series, Dr. Lina Abujamra will help you learn how faith will win over fear in the face of COVID-19 as we dig deeper into God’s word.

There are so many more interesting and thought provoking studies for you to enjoy!  If your not already signed up now is the time!  All you need to do is open the camera on your smart phone and hold it over the QR Code below.  A link should pop up on the top of you screen and all you have to do is click on the link.  This link will take you to Right Now Media and you can begin to create your own profile.

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