Leading With Care

As you know we at Living Faith are committed to providing safe environments for all persons, including children, youth, vulnerable adults, and those who minister to and with them. Our church’s ministry includes times of worship, service, study and play.  In order to create a safe haven for all individuals we support the Leading With Care policy put out by the Presbyterian Church of Canada.   All staff, both volunteer and paid, must be screened in order to support this policy.

  • it affirms our commitment to training and supporting teachers and leaders in our churches so that children/youth/vulnerable adults will grow in faith and the love of Christ in a climate of safety.

At this time Living Faith is looking for someone who would agree to continue to facilitate this program.  A huge thank you to Melanie Grasser who has over the past years ensured that screening and record keeping was updated yearly.

If you or someone you know anyone who might be interested in this volunteer position please call the church office at 705-424-0779