Who are We? – new sermon series

Who are We? – new sermon series

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I’m discovering that times of change are also times of varying emotions. As I prepare to transition from ministry in Baxter to ministry in Bracebridge, I find myself alternating from excitement to fear, and joy to sadness as we navigate through the “lasts” (last communion, last breakfast, last sermon series) and anticipate the many “firsts” that are headed our way – at Living Faith and in Bracebridge. During times of upheaval, I think it’s good for us to re-establish who we are – and whose we are. My final sermon series at Living Faith begins this Sunday with the title “Who are We?” to help us reaffirm our identity as a congregation, and as followers of Jesus, as we prepare for the change that is just around the corner.

Shortly after we were established as a new congregation called Living Faith in 2004, we created a beautiful mission statement that I think eloquently identifies who we strive to be: “Living Faith; bringing God’s Word to life, passionately serving Jesus Christ, each other, and the community.” Throughout this upcoming sermon series, we’ll take apart this mission statement, examining it piece by piece, to help us solidify our identities, while using scripture as our guide.

This week, we’ll begin with “living faith…” based on James 2:14-18. What does it mean to actually LIVE out our FAITH? That’s the big question we’ll try to answer this Sunday, and I hope you’ll come and join in the conversation. You can read our focus passage by clicking here.


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