Who are we? #2

Who are we? #2

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Discovering our identity seems to be something we engage in regularly as we continue to discover who we are and who God is calling us to be. This is a significant time in our history as a congregation as we prepare for a change in ministry – so it’s also a significant time to re-establish who we are so we can faithfully and wisely discover where we are going.

Week 2 of our “Who are we?” sermon series takes place this Sunday as we continue to answer that question through an examination of our mission statement combined with scripture. Last week, we looked at the “Living faith” portion of our mission statement and this week we’ll examine what it means to “bring God’s Word to life.” We’ll again use a passage from James’ letter to the early church as our scriptural guide. You can read that passage by clicking here.

Hope you will come and join in the conversation!


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