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This past Tuesday, the Barrie Presbytery affirmed my call to Knox Presbyterian Church in Bracebridge. This was the final step in the process that will see me transition from ministry here in Baxter to a new ministry in Bracebridge, starting on October 1. After 23 years in Baxter, this was definitely not an easy decision to make, but we feel that God is at the centre of it all, leading us into a new future. And God is also at the centre of Living Faith, leading this beloved congregation into a new reality.

This is a time of TRANSITION for all of us. To help us prepare for this upcoming change, we will start a 4-week sermon series this Sunday called “Transitions” – examining some of the major transitions that take place in scripture to discover what truths we can apply to our own situation. This teaching will not only apply to our experience as a congregation, but will also hopefully equip us as individuals when we face the inevitable transitions of life. This Sunday, our journey begins with “From Slavery to Freedom” as we study the transition of the Hebrew people from slavery in Egypt to freedom in the Promised Land. We’ll take a look at some selected verses from the book of Exodus, but if you’d like to get the big picture, you can read the entire book of Exodus by clicking here.

We will also celebrate the sacrament of baptism this Sunday, rejoicing with the families of Mia Little and Abigail Howcroft. Baptisms are wonderful reminders of the abundant grace of God that extends to all God’s children, and so we hope you will come and join in the celebration.

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