Transition #3 – from fear to hope

Transition #3 – from fear to hope

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Sunday night’s shooting on the Danforth has cast fear into our society – once more. We have been reminded yet again of the fragile nature of our existence and of our need to care deeply for one another. In the days since the shooting, we’ve seen responses that magnify the fear, and other responses that reflect hope.

Some of us may also be facing fear in our personal lives; perhaps as the result of a medical diagnosis, a change in relationship, or uncertainty about the future, and hope can seem difficult to find.

As we continue our “Transitions” sermon series, preparing for our upcoming change in ministry at Living Faith, we’re going to talk about the power of hope over fear, looking to the example of the tiny desert marigold (and scripture!) for guidance.

Our biblical texts for Sunday will be Matthew 2:13-18 and John 1:9-14. And you can also read up about the desert marigold by clicking here.



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