Ever wondered what it takes to be a shepherd?  Well according to the Telegraph News in the U.K. the apprenticeship takes about 40 years!  You are just a “boy” or a “lass” until you are about 60.  It takes that long to really know a mountain, the unpredictable changes in the weather and grazing, to know the different sheep, marks, bloodlines, and to earn the respect of other shepherds.  The care and compassion, the responsibility is enormous.  Scroll down to view a short video of a shepherd calling his sheep.  Imagine how Jesus would react if only we would listen to His call.  

This morning we will be looking at Psalm 23 and John 10:1-10 and Jesus our Shepherd.  A huge thanks goes out to Rev. Tobey Boyer, Knox Alliston, St. Andrew’s Mansfield and the team here at Living Faith for putting together these amazing services for us.

Please open your browser if you are seeing this on your smart phone and click on the you tube video below to access our Sermon for this week.  We have also included Family Sunday School and some activities for the kids.

Check out this video of a good shepherd and how his call brings the sheep.

Family Sunday School

Click on the links below to see Activities for our children.




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