The Patient Christ

This Sunday as we continue in our “Encounters with Christ” series “The Patient Christ” we come to John 20:19-29 and Thomas.  Jesus displays considerable patience with Thomas and walks him through the new post resurrection reality.
Jesus displays that same patience with us when we struggle with all that Christ can do as well.
How blessed we are to have the Saviour patiently walking with us.  How amazing it is for Jesus to breathe the Holy Spirit into us and offer His great and saving peace.
Hope to see you Sunday morning at 10:30.
To God be the glory! Rev. Jonathan Tait
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We will be celebrating Communion on Sunday November, 29th.  Because of restrictions Rev. Tait will walk us through the Holy Sacrament but we will not be serving bread and juice by intinction.  We are not able to take our masks off while in the building so we will be handing out a small juice and wafer package as you exit the church.  If you are unable to attend and would like one of the small packages you can pick one up a the church office anytime during office hours.  Wednesday, Thursday and Friday from 9-1pm.  We do realize that we are in a time of social distancing and so if you have bread and juice at home please feel free to use what you have.  If you have any questions or are looking for delivery please contact the office at 705-424-0779.