The Life Giving Christ

Pastor Jonathan will kick off his ministry with us this Sunday with a 7 week sermon series called “Encounters with Christ”.  Over the 7 weeks leading up to Advent we will be looking at 7 different encounters with Christ that only appear in John’s Gospel.  We will begin with John 4 and the woman at the well. The focus for Sunday will be the first 15 verses of John 4.
Encounter # 1 “The life giving Christ.”  Jesus is travelling and as verse 4 says, “had to go through Samaria”.  There He interacts with a Samaritan woman at Jacob’s well.
This encounter -like so many with Christ- changes her life. She ends up forgetting about what she came to the well for and goes into town inviting others into the presence of Christ (verses 29 and 30).
So often when we spend a little time with Jesus we find ourselves changed.
Can you recall an encounter with Christ that sent you off inviting others into the beauty and goodness of His love?
How has Christ revealed Himself to you lately?
What does this encounter at the well reveal about the nature and character of God?
Ponder these things as you read over the passage and prepare your heart for Sunday worship (at home or at church).
Hope to see you Sunday morning at 10:30 am.
To God be the glory!  Rev. Jonathan Tait
If you would like to watch our service it will be live streamed on our YouTube channel.  Go to Living Faith Community Presbyterian Church or copy the following link .  Be sure to subscribe!