The Forgiving Christ

Sunday we will look at our second of seven “Encounters with Christ” from John’s Gospel.
We will be looking at John 8 verse 1 to 11 and the woman caught in adultery.
The theme and sermon title for encounter # 2 is “The forgiving Christ.”
Jesus is in the Temple Courts with people gathered around Him when the teachers of the law and Pharisees bring a woman caught in adultery before Him.
As verse 6 says,  they are trying to trap Jesus into saying or doing something unfaithful and unlawful.
Boy are they ever in for a wake up call.
Everything is turned upside down and their desired outcomes of trapping Jesus and having the woman killed never come to fruition.
So often Christ comes along and says or does things – reveals things to us – that give us a completely different perspective on life.
Can you think of a time when maybe you thought you had everything all figured out and along came Jesus and offered a new perspective?
It’s often easy to understand the mercy, grace, and forgiveness of God but it can be challenging to actually live out these realities.
Jesus challenges the teachers of the law and the Pharisees to live out forgiveness, and love, and mercy, and grace in this passage.
It’s always better to follow God’s lead than rest on our own ingenuity and ideas.
Think of a time when you have been opened up by the goodness of God.
Thankfully God is forever with us and guides us with a love that knows no boundaries.
Sunday we will celebrate the goodness of God as He takes this challenging situation and demonstrates forgiveness and love.
Hope to see you Sunday morning at 10:30 am.
To God be the glory!
Rev. Jonathan
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