God’s Timing

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Time rules our lives, we wear watches, set alarms, ask for wake up calls, post reminders mark our calendars all to make sure we get places on time. I was raised  that if you’re not 10 minutes early, then your late … you may have noticed that I’ve out grown that now.
Have you ever wondered about God’s Timing? Is it different to ours? Something happens and we pray and pray with no seeming results thinking … it’s too late, why didn’t God do something sooner?
Neither Martha nor Mary knew how the story of their brother Lazarus would end. They just knew, that if Jesus had come sooner everything would have been different. Mary saw death as the end, and not even Jesus could fix that. Earlier Martha had learned a valuable lesson the day she had let fussing, complaining and time control her life. And now she put that into practice as she trusted that Jesus could always do something, she may not know what it would be, but she trusted that even in the death of her brother, Jesus could do something.
Join us this 5th Sunday in Lent Sunday at 10:30 am as Rev. Jim Johnson speaks to us about God’s Timing.  We are happy to have the Worship Band with us this week as well.
If you are unable to join us in person we live stream our services.  You can catch them here.

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