Same Sunday Sunday

Same Sunday Sunday

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When you enter your home do you give any thought to how your home and the things in it relate to Christ?  In God grace, God has given us different benefits to make a house a home.  The lights protect us from unseen dangers.  The water pipes serve us well to bring water when we turn on a faucet.  The instruction books teach us how to use the things.  The open door to encourage people.  Ah, the kitchen table where we show generosity.  The electrical panel is the leadership of the place.  Without it most things in the house do not work.  The warmth of a furnace warms whomever is in the house. (Romans 12:6-8 paraphrased)

What makes a house a home … the people who enjoy all the benefits the home offers.  What makes a church building the church, THE PEOPLE!

Join us this Sunday at 10:30 am as we celebrate Same Sunday Sunday with Jane Archer.  We want your piece of our puzzle!


Bulletin – 2019-03-31


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