In this time of isolation many of us are seeing and hearing things we haven’t for a while.  For many of us our lives have slowed down.  We hear the birds chirping, the wind rustling, and we are calling people we haven’t talked to in years.  Imagine that we have been walking around in a fog.  All these things were always going on around us but we never even noticed.  In this weeks sermon Luke 24:13-35 we will take a look at the Road to Emmaus and two men who walked right beside Jesus but did not recognize him….. imagine.

We would like to thanks Rev. Tobey Boyer along with the congregations of Knox Alliston, St. Andrews in Mansfield and our own Living Faith in Baxter for creating meaningful services to enjoy from the comfort of our homes.

Again, this week we have include Family Sunday School with Spark House! Check it out right after the Service video.

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