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Throughout the course of our lives there are so many decisions to be made.  Some we make without batting an eye and others we must ponder over and possibly ask advice on.  In Hebrews, we see the story of  Abram (Abraham).

Why am I here?  What am I suppose to do?  I am to do “what?”  Where am I suppose to go?  Who will be there? How in the world am I going to do that?  these are all questions that Abram could have asked when God told him to leave.  Leave and go to the “Land” God would show him.  Abram was 75 years old when he was told by God to “go!”  That is the only road map God had given to him.  This Sunday Rev. Jane Archer is back and we will examine the “purpose”  that God had chosen for Abram.

Please be sure to stop in Celebration Hall after our service for light refreshments and a chat.

Just a reminder to turn your clocks forward before you go to bed on Saturday night!

Bulletin – 2020-03-08


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