This Sunday we will be looking at John 1:43-51 and Jesus calling disciples.
Nathaniel shows us a powerful example of experiencing a change of heart.  In one moment he wonders if anything good can come from Nazareth (where Jesus is from) and in the next he is calling Jesus the Son of God and King of Israel.
Talk about a change of heart, and all because of one single interaction with Jesus.  Jesus changes everything and sometimes in an instant.  What an incredible adventure it is following Jesus and being blessed with His saving love and amazing grace.
Whatever we do may we do it all for the glory of God!
Rev. Jonathan Tait
Just a reminder that this service will be live streamed as we are unable to meet at this time.  Please go to our You Tube Channel Living Faith Community Presbyterian Church Baxter and join us online Sunday morning at 10:30am.
A huge thanks goes out to the whole team and community at Living Faith for the work that is done is creating these services.