Psalm 42: 2 “My soul thirsts for God, for the living God. When shall I come and behold the face of God?”

In times of trouble, we often wonder where God is. If we believe God is always with us, why don’t we always feel God’s presence? Even the most faithful of Christians have doubts about God and that’s okay. God is big enough to handle our doubts. It is more important that we find a way through our doubts and again feel and know God’s presence in our lives.

The truth, even if we have hard time admitting it, is that God is always present, and it may be us who are not present with God. We may need to be deliberate in seeing God in the world, through prayer and worship, through the kindness and the need of others, through acts of love and forgiveness. God will always be somewhere. Thanks be to God.  Rev. Tobey Boyer

Thanks goes out to Rev. Tobey Boyer who is putting our services together each week, along with the help of Knox Alliston, St. Andrews in Mansfield and our own Living Faith in Baxter.

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This week we are starting a new series from Saddleback Kids.  The format is a little different something for our elementary students.  Thank you for joining us!