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Pedal extremities, hoofs, paws, pads, heels, soles, arches, insteps, toes, dogs, tootsies, kickers, trotters all of these words are slang synonyms of the word feet.  They say that the feet are the most ticklish part of our bodies.  When we think of feet we think of them as a strange looking appendage that is essential in helping us to get around.  Some of us may find them horrifyingly ugly and some an interesting work of art.  However you look at them they are a very important part of our bodies.

This Sunday we are continuing our Sermon Series “Proverbial Sayings” with Rev. Jane Archer.  This week you guessed it, we will be taking a look at Feet!  Join us at 10:30 am for our weekly service with a time of fellowship afterward in Celebration Hall.

Bulletin – 2019-09-08

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