Fact or Fiction : Bail Conditions

Fact or Fiction : Bail Conditions

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Bail is written permission from a court, allowing a person charged with a criminal offence to be out of jail while they wait for their trial.   The court can impose conditions upon release, requiring the accused to comply with some conditions such as:  report at a certain time to the police, remain within territorial jurisdiction, notify the police of any change of address, employment, or occupation and abstain from communicating, directly or indirectly with certain individuals.

This Sunday Jane Archer will be continuing her Sermon Series “Fact or Fiction” with Part 3 “Bail Conditions”.   We have heard the story of how Jonah was running from God and jumped on a boat bound for Tarshish.  Jonah’s plan was running smoothly until he was thrown overboard in a storm and landed in the belly of a whale!   Will Jonah he escape his fishy prison and what will his Bail Conditions be?  God’s still got a plan for Jonah.


Bulletin – 2019-03-17



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